2021 is just 2020 in a wig...

It’s been a bit longer than I anticipated since my last blog entry. Blogging is certainly not something I do naturally, but I do feel committed to keep it updated as much as I can. 
So, Christmas 2020 has been archived on my website for another 9 months. It was beyond manic, the busiest Christmas period. I loved it, although it didn’t help that suppliers were slow, the post was slow, which in turn meant I was slower at turning around orders. The pressure was extremely high. All the while life was still happening, I was at the beck and call of my 3 crazy kids, stalking the postman, and trying desperately not to get ill, because that would have meant closing my business, and not forgetting moving the elf on the shelf every night. I’ve started initial prep on Christmas 2021 Collection and I’m so excited. I’ve learned things I will definitely not do again, and things I’ll absolutely do too. Such a learning curve. 

I know people talk about 2020 being bad, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had some super low times, losing people I loved (not COVID related) is irreplaceable but would have happened whether it was a pandemic or not. But being a positive person, I ended the year recapping some highlights... Giving birth to my new website, successfully homeschooling my children and not being a total failure, I got a new car, I lost a few pounds, and made some great home improvements. I also strengthened some amazing friendships and carrying them into the new year is so invaluable. 

2021... Just over a week in and already in lockdown, this time, the schools are shut, and heartbreaking numbers of COVID are on our doorstep. I definitely foresee it being a bumpy ride like 2020 was. Except this time I am starting off the year not as presentable as last year, I need the salons open, my roots need doing, my nails need doing, my lashes need doing, I mean, gosh, it’s not a good start is it! Haha good job no one can see me ;) So as we are still knee high in this pandemic, it’s more important than ever that I get my name out there. Sweets can definitely help with bribery, comfort and to gift, so I’ve started the year with a strong product line, and something for everyone!

Stay positive, stay sweet, and most importantly stay safe.

Speak soon, Danielle xxx

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