Back to busy!

Every month I make a promise to myself not to forget to blog, but it’s always much nicer to write when there’s actually lots of fun stuff going on, and there is! Bookings bookings bookings because parties are back! 
It’s so exciting to be able to plan happy times. Whether it’s a baby shower, a christening or a birthday party, it seems parties are back bigger than ever!

This month I pulled off a rainbow themed party for my daughter who turned 5, it was such a fab celebration! If you would like any details of suppliers I used please do get in touch, I only work with the best.

I love the party planning, with 3 daughters I’m so lucky I get to do the planning 3 times a year, then sit back and watch them have a blast with their friends. 

I have missed being creative with my party favours so it’s so much fun to be busy again and in demand. Being part of peoples events is so exciting, and the great feedback makes it all worth it. 
Ive also increased stock and ventured into new sweets of varying dietary options so my stock room is definitely the biggest it’s ever been, bursting with so many flavours.

Ive also been reassessing my packaging, and making sure I keep my carbon footprint as low as possible, without compromising the freshness of my sweets.

So as you can tell, it’s been a busy time for me, and reassessing my business is something I constantly do to ensure I stay on top of time game. I’m always looking to grow and develop my business so please ensure you follow my social media pages for news and updates. 

Any feedback, suggestions, or reviews, please do get in touch! I always value my customer’s opinions. 

Stay sweet, 
Danielle xxx

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