Expanding... Because I can!

I am soooo lucky I have been going for 2 1/2 years. In this time I’ve watched my business evolve into different branches, and now with my own website it’s given me huge scope and opportunity to expand into whatever direction I want. 
Being a small business I always support other small businesses, and I network regularly in my (spare, what spare!) time. I’ve managed to build a relationship with someone who supplies unreal merchandise, the quality is literally second to none. So I want to share it, and this month, a little squeeze in before Christmas, I’m launching the Merchandise section on my Shop. Items will be added slowly, with or without my logo, (cheaper with my logo so I can repay you for advertising for me).

This makes me so happy to be offering high quality items with my beautiful logo on it. Proud beyond belief!

So although it’s a bit left-field from my usual edible creations, it’s something that hit me like a little lightbulb above my head (actually someone else’s gorgeous head to whom I am extremely grateful!)

Apart from this little expansion, I am enjoying the calm before the Christmas storm! I threw out a little discount code when lockdown 2.0 was being announced to spread some positivity, which went down really good!

Next month is going to be a hard mental slog, and I totally have an appreciation for how hard Santa works in December, and why he rests for most of the year haha!

Until next time, stay safe and stay sweet,

Danielle. Xx

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