Keeping up with the changes...

Well hasn’t October been a weird month for me so far... 

It’s usually back to back with orders for birthday parties (including yours truly who is also an October baby!). Last year I was turning orders away as I had so many I physically couldn’t get the turnaround quick enough out of the door! But as I don’t usually make anything for Halloween so it gives me extra time to allocate to party orders. 
Fast forward 12 months and I’m surrounded by eyeball gummy sweets and marshmallow pumpkins making cups and cones and drowning in orange Skittles!! Party bookings are few and far between and low quantities due to government guidelines on numbers, and it’s such a huge brutal blow to the party / event industry. 
The current rule of 6 is just not practical to even try to make a party work effectively. 

On the plus side... Oh wait, there’s no plus side, we are still knee deep in a pandemic! Haha kidding, on the plus side it’s nearly half term and the schools haven’t closed yet, whooop! We all still have our health and a clean and warm home for our families. 
I promised my girls that we can put our Halloween decorations up around the house after my birthday, and in true “impatient like their mumma” style, the day after my birthday they asked their Daddy to get the decorations down from the loft to start decorating, so we did! It’s fun having something to look forward to even if it will be a different experience this year for the kids. How will your kids be spending Halloween? We also made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch!

Stay sweet,

Danielle xxx

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