Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Well, wasn’t that a busy August! Just shows how many birthdays there actually are! Usually August is my quietest month what with everyone going on holiday!

We didn’t have an overseas holiday this summer but we did sneak away to the beach for some family time away, and overall, we had some gorgeous weather and shared some great days out with friends, and also celebrated my beautiful baby girl’s 2nd birthday!


Being my quietest month usually, it’s when I have the time to start to collaborate Christmas ideas and when the planning starts. This totally hasn’t gone to plan yet, but the goal is still firmly in place, albeit it slightly delayed.

Christmas plays such an important part of my business for the next quarter, so it’s imperative I provide an assortment of great quality products year after year. Also I change my products each year as some prove more popular than others. I strive to get better each year, some years I make bad decisions but I’m definitely learning!

Last Christmas some items were proving really difficult to source the closer we got to the big man’s big day. I also noticed I was making more sales in October than I had the previous year, showing people are starting to plan earlier and earlier. Now, given that this year has probably been the worst year ever For most people, I have no hesitation that the British public will be planning Their festivities even earlier in 2020, whether it’s to do with spreading the cost, or just having something nice to look forward to...


The plan is to have my Christmas items on my website in September, at some point lol. That’s the goal. And I’m so excited to put it out there and get your feedback! 


There will be 3 main items for Christmas - a cone, a cup, and my hot chocolate reindeer cones will be back for yet another year. Oh and so will my reindeer food (for consumption of reindeers only!) Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for my announcement of my unveiling!


This month also sees the children return to school full time. My little ones can’t wait! And neither can I! Sending love and positivity to you all in the same boat. Gonna miss mine a little bit! 


Thanks for reading!


Stay sweet,

Danielle xx

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