So far... So good.

So how has your 2021 gone so far? 3 months in and well, not done much! 🤣 My roots still need to be done, my nails are really missing colour, and my brows could look better... But the kids got through another long block home schooling, which I didn’t think would end, I got my house back when schools reopened, and my dining table became about eating instead of school work. Family outings got as exciting as a trip to Costco, and on a personal level, I took up teaching myself cooking, another feather to add to my hat so they say. I’m no chef, but learning about flavours and some new skills will definitely come in handy.

With regards to my sweet world, it was really fun launching collections for valentines, Mother’s Day and Easter, it gives me an opportunity to be a bit more creative and offer something a little different.

With the birth of so many new businesses over lockdown, it’s definitely got much more competitive, across so many markets. But I feel like being able to confidently offer different dietary items like gluten free and dairy free really helps capture those smaller audiences.

With lockdown restrictions lifting in the near future, hopefully I’ll be able to start back doing my really fun sweet cones for parties, baby showers and social events.... I really miss doing them, not long now!


And the best news of the month, is I reached 1k followers on my Instagram account which as you know is a great milestone :)

Until next time...

Stay sweet, 

Danielle xxx

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