The New Normal

It’s been a month since I launched my website, and so much has changed since then! Not personally for me, but the way life is at the moment, things are opening up again, suddenly I’m getting party cone requests again! 

I am also seeing lots of new local competition popping up. That means it’s about keeping your social media game strong. It’s about making sure that each product that you send out is the best quality it can be. I don’t mind competition, what frustrates me is copycats, when you put so much time and attention into developing your business, then people snap up your ideas, the imitation just isn’t flattering for me like people tell me it should be!


So this month, I was much busier than I anticipated. So much was created, it was a mix of business, teacher presents, student leaver presents, buckets, cinema snack boxes, and lots of cones for parties were back in the mix! I love this mix, it’s keeping me busy, and is therefore leaving me zero time to prep for Christmas! Yep I said it, the C word! I am so excited to show you all what I have up my sleeve! I hope this variety continues and is my new normal.

As a side note, I have so much Dandy Candy merchandise, my question is, do I put it on my website to buy? Comment below and let me know your thoughts! My latest merch is a face mask, since they will be compulsory I thought I might as well be advertising at the same time... Cheesy, or genius?!

How are you finding the new normal?

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