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September 2023
With sweet prices continuing to rise, we are looking at the future of the product lines and all aspects of the business are going to be reviewed, with the focus being on certain areas only, and maybe the discontinuation of others, we’ll keep you posted on changes. Unfortunately this is the only way to prevent the rising costs being passed on to our customers which is the only way small businesses can survive. Oh the predicament!

August 2023

We may be quiet over the summer holidays whilst juggling family life and enjoying the Summer, but we will be back in September to start Christmas prepping. If you have an order over the Summer I’ll still be taking them so don’t be a stranger.


July 2023
It’s our 5th birthday! We can’t believe how far we have come over the last 5 years - Huge thank you to our customers for being loyal and choosing us for your gifts and parties.

June 2023
We have reduced our Deliveroo timings slightly to balance family life but we will be online as much as possible :)

March 2023
We now accept CLEARPAY as a way of payment, so no need to worry about affordability when it comes to those cravings!


January 2023
We are now on TikTok! It’s all very new, and we are seeing the best way it can be beneficial for us as a business in this highly competitive market, but come and take a look at our content and like and share to support. Our handle is 


November 2022
We are struggling with availability of some of our most favourite sweets, but it is a National shortage for stock so please be patient with us if some stock is low or unavailable.

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